Downlink Frequency : 4037
Symbol Rate : 4800
Polarity : Vertical


HAMARA TV is a channel owned by MEDIA INN. It is a full entertainment channel that telecasts a vast variety of different programs to engage all age of people.

At HAMARA TV we have a very professional and experienced team that thrive on delivering quality content to attract viewers of every group.

Our production team is passionate in what they do as we will be telecasting our own drama soaps and documentaries that will show a real sense of emotion and incorporate real life issues.

Our aim is to entertain viewers in every single possible way we believe that once we can connect and bond with our viewers, only then we can be the best in what we do.

We invite all creative minds and personnel of world no matter where they are to take advantage of HAMARA TV’s stage to either promote themselves or promote their businesses through means of advertisement as we will guide them and provide them expert advice on available best services.


Khushio kay Rang,

Hamara TV kay sang.